Children’s Group Work

Children’s Group Work Programs

childrens therapy cairnsWe offer group work programs especially designed for young and school aged children! We will be facilitating the Wednesday school holiday programs coming up. Imagine – 10 am to 1pm to yourself, whilst you child has a great time learning, sharing and having some fun doing so!

Our children’s group work programs help build self esteem, resilience, empathy, communication and problem solving skills and create a positive sense of Self.

Children learn self regulation skills and relaxation techniques to promote their mental health and well being.

Parents and carers are involved in understanding the potential value of these strategies and we support them to be incorporated within the home setting. Calmer children, calmer parents! Ahh!

We consider this helps the child/ren to generalise the skills and support proactive self care at home. Many parents and carers really enjoy the relaxation techniques too!

The groups we will be offering in January 2019 school holidays will be:

  • Birdwing’s Self Care Kids and Birdwing’s Crafting Kids School Holiday Day Programs (7 to 11 years)
    These program builds on emotional literacy, empathy, resilience and social and friendship skills whilst looking after children’s self care and learning through play, craft and turn taking.
  • $135 per child.