Birdwing Therapies: Counselling, training, supervision….

Birdwing Therapies is a social work practice that offers a comprehensive range of professional services to support children, families and adults. Our dedicated team are Clinical Social Workers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in helping children and adults to meet achievable goals.

Birdwing’s Therapy Studios are located in the township of Malanda and Cairns. We love our nature and country settings and look forward to making you feel welcome in our beautiful therapy spaces.

At Birdwing Therapies we may be able to assist with assessment and therapy for stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, phobias, obsessions, conduct and adjustment disorders, ADHD, ASD and other developmental and disability issues.

At Birdwing Therapies we pride ourselves as a Family Centred Practice. We always work with you, the parent/s and carers of children and teenagers to support the process of assessment, goal setting and sustainable therapeutic interventions!

Our Chrysalis Families Program is a family focused program that supports children, parents and carers via agency based referrals. We specialise in helping work with parents, children and carers where difficult times have happened.