SandPlay! (Symbols, Sandtrays, Sensory)

Welcome to SandPlay!, Birdwing Therapies’ online sandplay therapy tools shop. Our kits come in Starter and Travel and on special order we can supply Deluxe Kits and Sandtrays made from quality Australian Hardwood.

Our Starter Symbol Kits are priced at $1000 (+ postage) and are shown in the top photo. These kits are exceptionally good value and comprise all that’s needed to set up a therapeutic space. The kits contain:

  • Coral Reef, River, Frogs & Turtles or Ocean Mini’s (2 x 12 packs)
  • Octopus figurine
  • Orca, Shark or Dolphin figurine
  • Australian Animals Mini’s 20 pack
  • 4 Australian Animal figurines (Kangaroo, Koala, Platypus, Emu or similar)
  • Exotic Bird Mini’s 12 pack
  • World Buildings Mini’s 12 pack
  • Fence Kit
  • Bridge Kit (small)
  • Dinosaur Mini’s 12 pack
  • Dino Skulls Mini’s 6 pack
  • 1 Dinosaur figurine
  • Domestic Pets Mini’s 12 pack
  • 2 Domestic Pet figurines (Cat, Puppy or similar)
  • Pony Club Mini’s 12 pack
  • Farm Life or Farm Babies Mini’s 12 pack
  • 8 Farm Animal figurines (Cattle Dog, Cow and Calf, Horse and Foal, Duck, Chickens, Pig or similar)
  • Kitchenette & Bathroom set
  • Butterflies 8 pack
  • Soldier Mini’s 20 pack
  • Fairy Mini’s 6 pack
  • 8 Mystical and Fantasy figurines (King, Queen, Princess, Knight, Gladiator, Pegasus, Dragon, Wizard or similar)
  • 8 Mythological figurines (Minotaur, Cerberus, Hippogriff, Mutant, Goblin, Halfling or similar)
  • Human Babies Mini’s 12 pack
  • Human organs Mini’s 8 pack
  • People at Work Mini’s 7 pack
  • Family Figurines 8 pack
  • 3 Pirate figurines (Hero Pirate, Treasure Chest, Cannon or similar)
  • Smurfs 4 pack
  • Spiritual 7 pack (Christian figurines and symbols, Buddhist Monks, Hindu figurines or similar)
  • Gemstones 6 pack
  • Premium Diecast City Traffic Pack
  • Water Craft Mini’s 12 pack
  • Wild Animal Mini’s 12 pack
  • 8 Wild Animal Figurines (Lion & Lioness, Elephant & Calf, Giraffe & Calf, Bear & Cub, Warthog, Monkey or similar).

Our Travel Kits are priced at $550 (+ postage) and are supplied in compartmentalised plastic trays with secure lids. These Kits are ideal for home, school, or community therapy sessions and are made up of all of the Mini’s packs in the Deluxe Kit (12 piece packs are reduced to 6 piece packs for convenience) and an assortment of some of the smaller figurines we have available. 

We will make every effort to provide the kits as described however due to the current COVID crisis our stock can be difficult to source, so where we are unable to provide a particular item we will replace it with an item of equal or greater quality and value or we will contact you to discuss putting the item on back order. Also please note that postage is at the buyer’s expense.

To order a Kit or Sandtray, or make an enquiry, please email us at

Delux Kit - Sandplay Symbols